Sunday, October 17, 2010

WHO WAS I? Part 2

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Good Evening to All!

Tonight's Bible Challenge is Titled " Who Was I? Part 2

I know the main focus of my blog is on Devotionals, and talking about Prayer, Salvation and things pertaining to Living for God and getting saved, but sometimes I like to just bring it all back to the Roots and see what we can remember from the "Old Testament" and forward. Thus brings me to this Bible Challenge.

1. My name was Potiphar. I was __________,
(Genesis 39:1)

a) Joseph's master in Egypt
b) a minor prophet
c) the prophet Daniel's servant
d) a Roman official who persecuted first-century Jews

2. My name was Jochebed. I was the mother of these two famous Old Testament brothers.
(Exodus 6:20)
a) Noah and Theo
b) Jacob and Esau
c) Moses and Aaron
d) Absalom and Solomon

3. My name was Ashtoreth. In the time of the judges, I was a _______. (Judges 2:13, 10:6, etc.)
a) false goddess the Israelites worshipped
b) fortune teller
c) slave of Jephthah
d) wife of Jephthah

4 My name was Gomer. In Old Testament times, I was _______. (Hosea 1:3)
a) a warrior
b) a simple man who nonetheless reflected God's truth
c) the wife of Hosea
d) Nanum's quiet sister

5. My name was Salome. I was one of the women who: (Mark 16:1)
a) wove the curtains for the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem
b) served the Last Supper
c) partook of the Last Supper
d) took spices to Jesus' tomb

6. My name was Jerahmeel. I was one of the soldiers sent by King Jehoiakim to arrest__________________. (Jeremiah 36:26)
a) Baruch and Jeremiah
b) Isaiah
c) Ezekiel
d) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

7. My name was Rhoda. I the days of the early church, I was___________. (Acts 12:14)
a) a leader of a house church in Antioch
b) a servant in the home of Mary, the mother of John Mark.
c) a daughter of a prison guard who helped Peter escape
d) a daughter of a prison guard who helped Paul and Barnabas escape.

8. My name was Apollos. I was a __________. (Acts 18:24-28)
a) Greek god
b) Roman god
c) first-century Christian teacher and preacher
d) Roman centurion converted to Christianity

9. My name was Sosthenes. A hapless beating victim of Jewish leaders who unsuccessfully sought to prosecute Paul, I was a ___________. (Acts 18:12-17)
a) servant of the Roman governor Gallio
b) synagogue leader
c) companion of Paul
d) merchant who happened to be traveling through Achaia at the wrong time.

10. My name was Aristarchas. I was____________. (Acts 18:28, 20:4, 27:2: Colossians 4:10, etc.)
a) one of the priests who condemned Jesus
b) a first-century Roman governor
c) a Corinthian opponent of Paul
d) a companion of Paul

Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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