Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bible Challenge -"DREAMS AND VISIONS

Good Evening to All!

1. Because King Abimelech inadvertently took Sarah, thinking she was Abraham's sister, what did God label him in a dream? (Genesis 20:3)
a. a) a scourge
b) an abomination
c) an adulterer
d) a dead man

2. Where did Jacob have his dream about the ladder to heaven? (Genesis 28:10-19)
a) Bethel
b) Zion
c) Beulah
d) Gad

3. What dreamer's self-aggrandizing visions got him sold into slavery? (Genesis 37:5-24)

4. Pharaoh dreamed about seven fat cows and seven lean cows. what did the cows do to one another in the dream? (Genesis 41:1-4)
a) the fat cows ate all the pasture grass so that the lean cows died
b) the fat cows ate the lean cows
c) the lean cows ate the fat cows
d) the lean cows contaminated the fat cows with something like hoof-and-mouth disease

5. The Preacher in Ecclesiastes cautions that in "the multitude of dreams and many words [empty promises] there are....". (Ecclesiastes 5:7)
a) paths leading to perdition
b) seeds of death
c) signs of the serpent
d) divers vanities

6. This prophet's vision of aerial faces and wheels inspired a latter-day gospel folksong and speculation concerning ancient UFOs. (Ezekiel 1)
a) Jeremiah
b) Ezekiel
c) Daniel
d) Haggai

7. Daniel correctly interpreted whose dreams? (Daniel 2, 4)
a) Meshach's
b) King Nebuchadnezzar's
c) King Jehoiakim's
d) King Belshazzar's

8. Daniel correctly interpreted the handwriting on the wall that spelled King Belshazzar's doom - mini, mini, tekel, upharsin-to mean: (Daniel 5:25-28)
a) numbered, weighed, divided
b) tried, convicted, condemned
c) monster, idolator, deceiver
d) monster, idolator, corpse

9. At Jesus' trial who, because of a disturbing dream, warned Pilate against prosecuting Him? (Matthew 27:19)
a) Herod
b) the centurion
c) the chief priest's wife
d) Pilate's wife

10. Peter had a vision of a sheet being lowered from heaven. The sheet was filled with _____________. (Acts 10:9-16)
a) animals
b) saints
c) angels
d) manna

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