Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bible Challenge - "GRIEF"

Good Evening to All!

This evening, I have opted to go back to the original "Bible Challenge". I thought to make my new Facebook Page a little more interesting, I would start putting some interesting Bible Trivia Facts on it and see if I can get it "off the ground" that way. Anyway, on with the "Challenge".

1. "let me not see the death of the child," mourned this distraught outcast in the Beersheba wilderness as she sat down to die. Who was she?

2. Devastated by the loss of one son--with a second being held in apparent danger--this Old Testament patriarch tried to keep his youngest son in seclusion to avert further sorrow. (Genesis 42)
a) Noah
b) Jacob
c) Moses
d) Aaron

3. To his horror, Jephthah's victory over the Ammonites unwittingly cost him_________. (Judges 11:30-40)
a) his fortune
b) his wife
c) his daughter
d) his life

4. An Old Testament priest mistook this person's profound grief for drunkenness.
(1 Samuel 1:1-18)

a) Esau's
b) Rachel's
c) Joseph's
d) Hannah's

5. King David grieved terribly for these two sons, although their deaths resulted from their abominable sins against him and the royal family. (2 Samuel 13, 2 Samuel 18)
a) Amnon and Absalom
b) Amnon and Adonijah
c) Absalom and Adonijah
d) Adonijah and Solomon

6. "We hanged our harps upon the willows. . . " The Jewish people did not feel like making music, for they were deep in sorrow over what? (Psalm 137)
a) forty years of wandering in the wilderness
b) the death of King David
c) the death of King Solomon
d) their captivity in Babylon

7. Before raising a certain corpse from death, Jesus had to oust the wake musicians and other mourners who scoffed at Him. Who was the deceased? (Matthew 9:18-26)

8. After the death of John the Baptist, what did Jesus do? (Matthew 14:13)
a) wept for many hours
b) cried in anger to God
c) went off in a boat to be alone
d) leveled a curse at Herod

9. What made Peter cry bitterly? (Matthew 26:74-75)
a) the death of Lazarus
b) the death of Paul
c) the death of James
d) hearing the cock crow after his third denial of Christ

10. In heaven, "there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall their be any more pain " Who said that? (Revelation 21:4)
a) John the Baptist
b) Paul
c) Peter
d) the apostle John

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