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Good Evening to All!

This specific topic is one which I will type in several segments.

1. Seek God's Kingdom First (Matthew 6:33). Placing God's kingdom first in your life is the first step on the pathway of God's miracles, and you cannot walk on this pathway unless determining His will, purpose, and glory is your first priority as you pursue His call on your life. To do so , turn first to His Word, which is the atmosphere in which you may understand His will, recognize His way, and hear the voice of His Spirit (Psalm 119:18). Second, watch for the little things, the little signs along the way, not in the great wind, earthquake, or fire, but rather in the "still small voice" (1 Kings 18:11-13). Often it is the small seemingly insignificant things or events that ultimately determine our destiny.''

I think that it is "human nature" to look to the "carnal things in life". We think "if I live for God, I will have to give up this or that. I won't be able to buy what I want when I want, OR, as a Christian I will be expected to give to the needy or to God's Work. Our carnal side doesn't want to give anything up. Therefore, we must do an "attitude adjustment" and start looking at life through spiritual eyes. If we will follow God's command in Matthew 6:33, We will have everything we need and more. No, that doesn't mean God will automatically make us rich in the monetary scheme of things. It means if we will seek His kingdom first, read His Word and get to know Him, Our desires will change to meet His desires for us.

2. Activate Faith (James 2:26). Faith certainly calls us to action. In doing "God's work", if we do not have the faith in Him behind them the work is in vain. Just as if we have faith in God, yet do nothing to show it then the faith does no good. It kind of reminds me of having food
in the refrigerator, but not eating it. Having it does us no good because we are getting no benefit from it. We must have both in combination of both faith and works to be beneficial. The only way for our faith to grow is to use it. The only way to use it is to step out in faith doing God's work, or what we would carnally say as taking a risk, KNOWING all the while that God would do what is best for us.

After seeking the perfect will of God for our lives or ministry, and often after others doors have remained closed, God opens unexpected doors intended to lead us down the path towards His plans for our lives (Rev. 3:8). As He does and you have prayed and feel peace in your spirit that there is clearly no question that God is opening the door--not yourself or someone else--move forward. Such signs direct along His miraculous pathway and lead toward His will and purpose (2 Samuel 5:19-25). Waiting in His presence eventually leads to recognizing His moment. When God presents a clear divinely given opportunity, act on it!

Believe me, when you get to the place that you can feel in your spirit and be able to discern whether something is from God or not, it is an awesome feeling and revelation. There is such a peace when you know it is from God. Faith is a wonderful thing.

3. Speak to the Mountain (Mark 11:23). Real and tangible obstacles often loom as blockades against the accomplishment of God's purpose through His sons and daughters. Jesus' command to speak into the face of such obstacles is not a figure of speech, nor is it a superstitious exercise. It is an act of faith. Learning to speak to our "mountains" helps us to grow in strength; and seeing those mountains moved by God's merciful hand encourages us to continue to believe for the miraculous. He makes the impossible things actually come to pass by His power. We truly serve a God of sings, wonders and miracles; and He is able to move the mountains that are standing in our way.

We must always remember though, that He can only do what He is invited to do. If we don't ask Him for help and to move that mountain, then He won't do anything. He is not an intrusive God. He wants to be asked or invited if you will.

The answers to the Bible Challenge "GRIEF" are as follows:

1. Hagar (Genesis 21:15)
2. b) Jacob (Genesis 42)
3. c) his daughter (Judges 11:30-40)
4. d) Hannah's (1 Samuel 1:1-18)
5. a) Amnon and Absalom (2 Samuel 14, 2 Samuel 18)
6. d) their captivity in Babylon (Psalm 137)
7. Jairus' daughter (Matthew 9:18-26)
8. c) went off in a boat to be alone (Matthew 14: 13)
9. b) hearing the cock crow after his third denial of Christ (Matthew 26:74-75)
10. d) the apostle John (Revelation 21:4)

Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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Christie Cottage said...

I like that "Speak to the mountains" That will be a goal this week.

have a blessed day!


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