Monday, March 28, 2011

MONDAY MESSAGE - "How Big is God?"

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Good Evening to All!

I am now one of the newest contributors and members of "Serve One Another in Love" taking care of the "Prayer" page. Some of you know me and others hopefully will get to know me. I am never at a loss for an opinion or comment so, I thought I should "add" my quarter's worth for the post "Monday's Message. "OK, so I'm a little behind times! LOL! I will try and do better next Monday.

This past Sunday, we had an Evangelist at our church who was literally AWESOME. The morning service was spent in healing and prayer. The Holy Ghost moved tremendously! The evening service's topic was about our perception, "How Big is God?"

As humans, we tend to think small. I live in a "small town", that has "small grocery store" we have "small schools" and "our church is small" in comparison some of the other churches in town. That's bad enough. The bigger problem is we also tend to put God in a box and forget HOW BIG He truly is.

We forget that "My God can supply all your need". We forget that He created the Universe. In His Word, He states that He is eternal with NO BEGINNING AND NO END. He looks from the end back to the beginning, so that He knows what is going to happen if we do certain things. That is how He can guide us through everything. We often forget all of this.

Our God is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful) and omnipresent (everywhere at once). Why do WE limit Him? I have heard people whine and gripe when things don't go their way, and say God didn't answer my prayers. It's not that He didn't answer, it's that WE LIMIT HIM BY OUR LACK OF FAITH. Come on now, everybody does it! For example, I prayed for God to heal my tailbone, but just in case, I better go to the doctor! LACK of FAITH! (Yes, that was me). I'm all for doctors, and I believe that God created the knowledge for them and guides their hands, but as humans, we for some reason go to doctors first, then if they can't help, then we go to God. It should be the other way around.

We are thinking "small". I've prayed for God to help me find my car keys, (which He did), I've prayed for Him to help me get to my appointment on time, (which He did), but when it comes to the BIG stuff, like healing or employment, I always have my brain set on "just in case". Not a good sign of Faith.

I'm telling you, mark my words, Jesus is coming back pretty soon, and our "lack of faith" better have turned into "Full of faith". If it doesn't we will miss Him. According to God's Word, we CANNOT please God without faith. It will take faith in our hearts to hear and see Him when He comes back.

We have to change our way of thinking and GROW CLOSER to God, INCREASE our faith, and Study His Word so that we can live for Him without doubts and insecurities. This Sunday was definitely a message that "stepped on my toes", as I am one of those who is always having to correct my thinking.

Go0d Evening and God Bless!


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Lori said...

It's great to have the opportunity to listen to someone who can help you understand things in a way you didn't before. Glad your Sunday held a great message for you. :)

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