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Good Evening to All!
I have done this a little differently because there are two separate challenges, one with "occupations of the Old Testament and one with the occupations of the New Testament. Instead of doing them separately, I thought it may be more interesting to do 5 questions of each at a time.

I got to looking through my Bible Challenge book today and this Challenge caught my eye. I know you're just dying to know why! LOL! It made me realize out of all of the times I have read and re-read my Bible from cover to cover, I must not have been paying attention to the details. I could answer very few of the following questions without looking them up. So it made me wonder what else I had been missing.

How about you?

Have fun, and....
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1. Who was the first shepherd described in the Bible?
(Genesis 4:2)

2. Shamgar, who slew 600 Philistines with an ox goad, was a ________. (Judges 3:31)
a) blacksmith
b) drover
c) judge
d) army commander under King David

3. An exceptional Old Testament hunter was _________.(Genesis 19:1-26)
a) David
b) Jonathan
c) Nimrod
d) Joshua

4. What was Deborah besides a prophetess? (Judges 4:4)

5. King David's earliest known occupation was (1 Samuel 16:11)
a) shepherd
b) carpenter
c) court musician
d) assistant to an astronomer


1. What was Zacharias, John the Baptist's father? (Luke 1:8)
a) priest
b) tax collector
c) doctor
d) farmer

2. The apostle Andrew was a __________. (Matthew4:18)
a) carpenter who worked with Jesus and Joseph
b) sexton at the temple in Jerusalem
c) fisherman in the Sea of Galilee
d) sail maker on the Mediterranean coast

3. The apostle Luke was a _________. (Colossians 4:14)
a) fisherman
b) carpenter
c) tax collector
d) doctor

4. Nicodemus was a __________. (John 3:1)
a) map maker
b) religious leader
c) tax collector
d) tailor

5. Bartimaeus was a _________. (Mark 10:46)
a) Jewish high priest
b) beggar
c) cloth merchant
d) herdsman

Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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