Monday, June 27, 2011

"A CASHLESS SOCIETY and Bible Challenge Answers"

Good Evening to All!

The answers to the Bible Challenge "Who Said That Part 7" are as follows:

1. b) John (John 1:1)
2. d) Paul (2 Corinthians 9:7)
3. d) Joel (Joel 2:28)
4. a) Job (Job 19:25)
5. d) Paul (2 Corinthians 6:14)
6. c) Elizabeth (Luke 1:41-42)
7. d) Paul (1 Corinthians 7:9)
8. c) Paul (1 Corinthians 10:13)
9. c) James (James 4:8)
10. d) Jesus (John 8:45)

I hope you all did well on this Challenge, and maybe even recalled things you learned long ago, or learned things you didn't know.

I'm going to do something a little different tonight. Instead of doing a devotional type format, I just want to discuss something with y'all. We had a visiting minister preach at our church yesterday, and he REALLY brought up some good points.

I was really ashamed of myself, because I do not read the newspaper, or keep up with most current events, (although I am definitely going to start after what He brought up yesterday).

I know for people who have any kind of Christian background, they have heard at one time or another about the "World Currency", the mark of the beast and so on. We have a tendency to push those thoughts or ideas to the "back burner". "It's too far off to worry about". It's not going to happen in our life time". I hate to disillusion y'all, but it's coming to pass as we speak.

I wasn't quite sure what the word supplant meant, so I looked it up in my dictionary. It means "to take the place of as if by force".

Did you know that our friend to the north (Canada) is on it's way to becoming a "cashless society"? This means you cannot buy anything with cash. You must use a debit or credit card.

I learned something yesterday. He brought up the fact that Canada is on it's way to becoming a cashless society. I took the initiative tonight and looked up some other articles. The Chief of VISA in England says they will be putting a surcharge on cash transactions by 2012. In other words a fee will be charged to use cash rather than plastic.

I also read an article about Africa becoming cashless because of being unable to combat money laundering and terrorist funding. I'm telling you it is definitely coming to pass.

You are probably sitting there thinking why is using credit cards and debit cards a bad thing? We already do it to an extent. The difference is it will make it easier for the government to freeze our accounts. If we can't use cash to buy things, this means all of our money will go into a bank account. If it goes into the bank account and we are not allowed to use the actual cash to buy with, the government will have easy access to it and be able to block it.

What's more, is that it will only take ONE SESSION of Congress to make this into law.

This will also make it easier for the government to force us to take the "mark of the beast". I don't know about y'all, but that sure has gotten my attention. I am not afraid, because I know my God will see me through, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention. We are definitely in the latter days.

I wish I knew how to take better notes. The subjects he touched on yesterday were outstanding, such as how today's standard of Christianity is so "watered down" compared to the way it used to be. How things that used to be completely unacceptable are now accepted as an everyday occurrence.

I've heard it said "times are changing. We need to keep up with the times". That's a bunch of hooey! GOD IS THE SAME TODAY, YESTERDAY AND FOREVER, so why do we need to "keep up with the times"? We need to teach and hear the truth even if it hurts. I would rather get my feelings hurt a little bit, or as I say a lot "get my toes stepped on", and stay on the right track toward heaven, than have a preacher tell me some watered-down wishy-washy version and of partial truth which I can take any way I want and possibly end up in Hades rather than Heaven because I allowed myself to be deceived.

I saw this picture and I couldn't resist it. Of course we know it is referring to the "catching away" or rapture. My first thought when I saw this photo was preparing to fly on watered-down Christianity and watered-down truth is like putting watered-down gasoline in your car. Your car has definite problems running on watered-down gas, and we will have problems getting to heaven if at all on watered-down truth and watered-down Christianity. At this point and time, we need the hard facts and total truth about living for God with ALL of our MIGHT so we can keep our spiritual eyes upward.

How do I know whether I am being deceived or not? I PRAY for God to open my heart, my ears and my eyes that I may receive ONLY what HE has to tell me. If I'm at church, I take notes, (not very good ones, but I definitely take down the scriptures and basic info, and when I get home, I PRAY about it and read my Bible. If what the preacher says lines up with the Word of God, then I know I'm not being deceived. I have not had this problem in my present church. I have had in the past in other churches, and I would not return. If I don't feel like I am being "spiritually fed" in a church, it is time to move on. If I don't feel the presence of God in a church, it is time to move on.

That is why I am always bringing up my church. I have NEVER felt the presence of God so strongly in any other church that I have been to in my ENTIRE LIFE. I have attended this church for the last 11 years, and we have had 2 Pastors who were great men of God. They truly have the anointing of God in their lives and in their preaching.

I don't have any idea what got me on that subject, but I felt compelled to say that because it is so very important to attend a church such as I described. I'm not speaking of Pentecostal. I am just saying attend a church where you know you are hearing the WHOLE truth, a church that you can FEEL the presence of God when you walk in the doors, and your spirit gets fed. That is how you know you are in the right church. So many people just go to any church. Some go to a church because it's the closest to them, some go to a church because their friends go to it, or many other reasons. Don 't let superficial reasons dictate what church you go to. Your soul is too important for that. It's like having a PH.D in Chemistry, but instead of looking and finding a good job, you take a job flipping burgers because the restaurant is closer to your house and you don't want to drive very far. Settling for a church is the same difference. If you aren't getting anything from the church you attend, you are just wasting your time, and spinning your wheels.

Ok, enough lecturing. LOL! (I told you tonight's post was different~ LOL!)

Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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