Friday, July 15, 2011


Now that I have your attention, (LOL), I just want to say that due to the length AND importance of yesterday's post, I am going to leave it up for another day. I didn't come to this decision lightly because I really like doing a post everyday, but I feel that we really need to soak this in. God Would Not have put this on my heart so strongly if He didn't want it to be said.

I know most writing teachers say to break long articles, stories and even posts down so that people won't tune out before they finish reading. It's obvious that I didn't do that. I didn't for a couple of reasons. For one, when the Holy Ghost starts speaking to my heart and telling me what to say, I feel like He doesn't want it broke into chapters. If I were to do that, then by the time the next post rolled around you will have forgotten about the previous post. This way you will at least remember some of the points.

My other reason is because I would not know where to divide the post in half. It is all important, and is connected, so it shouldn't be divided. I hope you will understand, be patient and read the whole post. You may just get some good points and maybe even a "revelation or two" from the Holy Spirit as He tugs at your heart.

It is my hope that you will either re-read this post, or pick up where you got tired of reading yesterday and finish.

I will be posting a new one tomorrow.

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Starry Dawn said...

Hi Patti,
I follow your amazing blog not matter what, sweetheart. "Confession" is a good title to begin with your Life Lessons and God's Lessons. I agree with you in all means. I especially love your previous post. I am going there to post my comment. Great Posts, Patti!!
God keeps blessing you with love!!
In God's Garden,
Poet Starry Dawn.
Have you seen my last writing about "Let freedom flow like a stream." I am not Online every single day like you do. However, I post My Monthly Newsletters, when I get a sparkle of inspiration.
Thank you, Patti for sharing your wisdom with the world!!
Poet Starry.

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