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Good Evening to All!
I thought about using a picture of those little bracelets that say WWJD, but it just didn't put enough emphasis. People take that question way to lightly. They wear that bracelet as an accessory, but do they really think about what it means? And if so, do they think about what should go along with that, meaning our own actions measuring up to what the bracelet stands for? I think not in most cases. Therefore I chose to use this picture to the right. When I see the cross, it makes me remember what Jesus did for me, and therefore I OWE Him the respect of doing as He asks of me. Hence the reason for this post.

Last night I did a book review. In it, I asked the question, if Jesus were to physically "hang out" with you would you be doing the same things you do now?

The reason I ask this question is because it seems like we are way too in tuned with what the "world" expects from us. We are so concerned about what our "friends" think. We go where they want to go, we do what they want to do. If they want to go to "happy hour" we think, "ok, one or two drinks won't hurt, I won't get drunk. I'll just go to 'be social'. I don't want them to think I'm a snob". Would you go if Jesus was here in the flesh and wanted to spend time with you? Your date picks you up and wants to go to a movie that was full of violence, nudity and foul language? What would you say? Would you go? What if Jesus was there and wanted to go with you on your date? Would you tell your date you would prefer to go to a movie that Jesus would approve of?

Here's a good one. How about telling "dirty jokes". Would you listen to, or tell them if Jesus was standing there? Would you wear the same clothing? Would you be comfortable sitting and talking to him with a skirt that barely covered your private parts, or a blouse that came "up or down" to the middle of your top, or would you be pulling at your skirt trying to make it cover more and adjusting your blouse attempting to cover up cleavage?

There are SO many things we do in our everyday lives that we would do differently if Jesus were here physically with us in this world. We would probably take care to watch our mouths, and not use foul language. We would be more respectful of Him and others.

We would dress more modestly. We would attend more "wholesome" activities (clean movies, or activities that we wouldn't be ashamed for Jesus to come along with us).

We would definitely treat people better. We would be more appreciative of what people do for us.

My Pastor has preached messages before about hypocrisy. You know, coming to church and be all "holy and spiritual", and then walking out of church and showing a different side of yourself. Acting the exact opposite. Why do we do this? I mean it's not like the people in church won't see you at the grocery store in your "short shorts", or getting exasperated about something and cursing like a sailor.

The thing we need to remember is Jesus sees and hears EVERYTHING we do and say. We can't hide from Him. Why is it that we don't seem to care about what someone cares or thinks about us just because they are not here in the physical form?

To me, when we do this, we are being hypocritical not only to the people we come in contact with, but to God also. He tells us to be an example to the "world". To let His love and His light shine through us to others. When we act and dress like the "world" we are not doing this. We must remember that Satan is the ruler of "this world", and he enjoys seeing us (to put it kind of harshly) mocking God. I put it that way because in my heart I feel that if I know what God's Word says about the way to dress, act and live, yet I choose to do what is the "norm" or popular way to be in the "world" then I am being like a rebellious child. It's like a mother or dad telling their child not to do something and they do it anyway, because their friends are doing it, or they cave into "peer pressure". The parents will find out and their will be consequences to pay.

It will be the same for those of us who choose to "defy" God. You may think, "it's no big deal, I don't "let loose " but every once in a while. It won't hurt. I can wear this short dress. I always sit like a lady and people can't see anything. The point is, God tells us NOT TO DO these things. Therefore it is pure disobedience.
Which is a sin, and we will account for this in the end.

We tend to shrug things off because we don't have Jesus, in the physical form sitting next to us, poking at us saying don't do this. Don't go there. Don't wear that.

Just out of curiosity, if you were talking to Jesus, or even in a group of friends in which Jesus was included, what kind of language would you use? Would you use foul language? I know a lot of kids to day (or even adults) think that they have to use that to express themselves clearly, to help people understand what they are truly feeling, or they may just think it makes them sound cool or tough. It doesn't. I can't help but wonder if they would talk that way if Jesus was standing beside them listening in person. We need to remember that Jesus can see and hear everything we do and say, and He cares. It hurts Him when He sees that we are not living up to the way God wants us to live. After all we are His Children.

We forget that we are examples to others. It is our choice whether we want to be a good example or a bad example. We are created in God's image and therefore we should act and be the way God is directing us to be according to His Word.

In the end, we will be judged according to the books according to Revelations 3:12-14. These books which are talked about are the books of the Bible. Are you living according to God's Word?

There is a very popular acronym going around the country right now. WWJD. It stands for What Would Jesus Do? That is a very good thought. I would like to give you something else to think about. If Jesus was in physical form, WWID? What Would I Do?

We have to remember He is here. And He is watching us. Please, take more time to
consider how Jesus would want you to act, dress, think, and talk. Be more mindful of Him and His ways. Remember that We are God's temple. He wants to live inside of us, but He cannot reside in sin. This is why the Holy Ghost came back to earth to dwell within us. To guide and direct us in the ways of God, for the preparation of entering His Holy Kingdom for eternity.

When that little voice inside tells you, going to the bar is not such a good idea, or wear that micro mini skirt is not becoming of a lady, listen to it. Don't be a stumbling block for others. Whether you know it or not you are being watched by others. God wants us to be His Ambassadors to the Kingdom. We can't do that if we "live like the rest of the world". We are a peculiar people". Peculiar meaning (set apart, the chosen ones, prepared for service, and many other definitions according to God's Word). 1 Peter 2:9 says
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

This is telling us we are to be holy (set apart) for God's purpose. If you would like some really good reading, the 1 Peter Chapter 2. It is a wonderful guide as to how we are supposed to be.

Look at what you're wearing. Would you want to stand before God dressed in those shorts? If the rapture came, would you want to be sitting in the bar gulping down that beer, or sitting in a theatre watching some naked people doing their thing?

Just please think about it and don't do what you would be ashamed of if Jesus were to visit you in the "flesh".

Y'all I know this was a Very Long Post, but it definitely came from my heart. I pray that you read it all, and took at least SOMETHING away from it. Just keep in mind, not only WWJD, but ALSO WWID (What Would I DO, if Jesus were "hanging out" with me? Then act accordingly.

Thank you for allowing me to truly speak my heart and patiently reading through each carefully worded thought from God's Word to my heart, to yours. I pray that you will take and place this post in your heart knowing it was only meant to serve in love. For I care about each and every one of you and your souls.

Good Night to All and May God Bless.



Anonymous said...


First of all let me say "AMEN" to everything your have written in today's posting. It gets to the heart of a Christian's need to be separate from the world and it is very much needed in today's time.

Just as you say... If we only stopped to think about the fact that we have the Lord indwelling us and yet we compromise our stand on a daily basis (even with Him dwelling right inside of us!) It is so sad.

Anyhow, fantastic posting.

Now about the splitting it up part. Speaking for myself, I personally do not think it is that long to start with. I tried to take my time reading down through it and it took me about three minutes. Well, if I can't give three minutes to the Lord everyday I have a serious problem.

I know that some of my blog postings are much longer than this one that you have done. Sometimes, it is really important to allow the Lord to lead us and guide us and trust Him on the length of things.

The only time I would have split it up would be if I was writing with limited space (like a mag article or something when you were allowed only so much space.) If that was the case, I guess right after the paragraph that says...

"We tend to shrug things off because we don't have Jesus, in the physical form sitting next to us, poking at us saying don't do this. Don't go there. Don't wear that."

It is about halfway into the posting and it seems as if you are starting a new idea when you say...

"Just out of curiosity, if you were talking to Jesus, or even in a group of friends in which Jesus was included, what kind of language would you use? Would you use foul language?"

But like I said originally, I really think the whole posting stands together as a whole. It would loose alot by dividing it up.

GREAT JOB... the Lord is really blessing your writing.

May He continue to bless you,


Starry Dawn said...

Hi Patti,
"Peculiar People," great title for your fantastic post.
I call this sort of folks, hypocrats. In this mortal world, there are lots of superficial people who only care for material things, money, golden treasures and things like that. My point of view is completely different. I see the picture with another view, on the spiritual side. I need my spiritual nourishment to feed my hungry sould with the words of God, the message of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. We are all temporary passengers in this mortal world, so we must behave in a good way, otherwise our souls will be doomed forever. God promised everlasting life for His faithful believers. The ones who use foul language, go naked in the streets, get drunk, go into drugs, get prostituded with the feeble flesh, they will be doomed in hell with satan, the antichrist, the enemy of Christ.
I just can't stand folks who talk in a vulgar way, do pornography, and dress like naked in public. Well, that is me. I guess, I am an old fashion Christian grandmother. Young folks behaved too wild nowadays. Their parents don't say anything to their children, I guess. The whole world is going in opposite directions which will turn them upside down to only doom.
Thank you, Patti, for sharing your wisdom with the world!! You are a super friend, and a supper blogger.
God may bless you, Patti, and those you love!! Thanks also for visiting My Poetry Blog, and Monthly Newsletters!!
In God's Garden,
Poet Starry. (My Poetry Blog is..)

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