Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taking a FEW Days OFF

Hello Everyone!


I just wanted to let y'all know that I will be away from my computer (in bed) for a while. I just got back from the doctor and he says I have bronchitis (spelling), sinusitis, and am on the verge of pneumonia, so I am to R E S T. Which to me means sleep. Anyway, please keep me in your prayers that I may return soon.

Thank you for understanding and God Bless,



Becky (So Very Blessed) said...

Oh my goodness! I'll certainly be praying for you! I wish I could bring you some hot tea and soup! I hope you feel better soon and don't get pneumonia on top of everything else!

Sagittarian said...

Oh sorry to hear that you got sick..:( I will pray for your soon recovery.. Follow your doctors advice, rest and rest to get back soon on track with us..:)

Take care always.:)God bless you!

Starry Dawn said...

Hi my sweet friend, Patti,
Oh!! I am so sorry to hear that you are sick with bronchitis.
Please, rest as much as you can. Take plenty of fluids, cups of tea with lemmon and honey, cups of hot soup too. Have plenty of rest as well. Follow your doctor's advice. I'll be praying for your prompt recovery and full healings. We miss you and love you so dearly, dear friend Patti. We are your true friends, the ones behind the screen. We are real people in a real world called Cyberspace. We have a heart of gold, the ones that I call my dear friends. Tomorrow, September 23rd is my birthday. I'll miss you, because you won't come online to wish me a happy one. I'll be waiting for you, sweetheart Patti. Please, recover soon. I'll be praying for you every single day.
Let me know when you get better.
God bless you and keep you always safe, Patti!!
(((Prayers on your way.)))
Poet Starry Dawn.

Christie Cottage said...

Please feel better. I just lifted you up in prayer.


T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

I hope and pray you feel better soon.


Starry Dawn said...

Hi Patti,
I hope and pray you feel better soon. Please, let us know the updates on your health.
We are all praying for you, Patti.
God bless you and protect you always, Patti, and those you love!!
Please, send me an EMAIL when you get the chance telling me how you are doing...
Prayers on your way.
Poet Starry Dawn.

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