Saturday, October 22, 2011


Good Evening to All!

My favorite types of Christian books are Devotionals. I was provided this copy of "abundant life Day Book by Nancy Guthrie and published by Tyndale Publishers. ( this is the exact way the title is written on the book) The opinions in this Review are strictly my own. I was not compensated in any other way except for the complementary book.

I must say though, that while this is a "cute" little book, at first I was rather disappointed in it, but then I did something I rarely do. I read the Introduction! It was then I realized that she did not mean this book as a Devotional. She did not even call it a devotional. It is a "Day Book with a scripture and her thoughts, or her blessings for us written as though they were coming from God. Then at the end, she includes a little prayer.

It has a lot of good scriptures and maybe it's just me, but it didn't seem to have much "meat" in it. I don't think it was intended to do so. I think it was meant as a book to get a person's "feet wet" and giving them a taste of scripture in hopes that we would get hungry enough for God's Word to progress to a deeper devotional.

Once I went back and realized what she had intended it changed my whole attitude toward the book. I was still disappointed from the standpoint that I thought it was going to be a regular Devotional and something to "sink my teeth into. A book of "challenge" one might say, but it is not. It's just a nice little book with some great thoughts and scriptures in it.

Like I said some people might like those types of books, but I like a Devotional that takes at least 10 or so minutes to read, then gives some insight and thought provoke ideas or even questions. This book did none of that for me.

One other thing I was really disappointed in was the fact that it had only ONE scripture from the Book of Acts. I guess I'm strange, but Acts is a very important book in the Bible. It is the book that tells the "church how to live for God, how to get salvation, and how to grow. It is all about the first church of believers, and how we as the church should be preparing ourselves for His kingdom. The only verse from Acts was 17:24-25, so I was rather shocked.

I WILL NOT say I would not recommend this book to others, just that if they are looking for a "deeper" devotional, this is not the one. This would be a nice book for someone who is just beginning to get in the daily habit of reading devotionals or light reading. I repeat, it is NOT a Devotional, nor does she claim it to be, just be aware, because I overlooked that fact. It would definitely be a nice gift for someone though.

The one thing I like about it that the last one that I review didn't was this one is a "hardback". I love hardback books, as they tend to be more durable, and it has a beautiful little cover.

Good Night to All and May God Bless,


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