Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review - "MOMENTS OF TRUTH " by John MacArthur

Good Evening to All!

As you all know by now, my favorite types of books are Devotionals. I like them because they make me reflect. I received " Moments of Truth by John MacArthur from Book Sneeze or Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for my review. The opinions in this review are mine alone.

Normally, I LOVE Devotional Books. I like them because they help me to keep things in perspective, do some deep soul searching and reflect about what I need to do to become more of the person God wants me to be.

Unfortunately, this book did not do that for me. I won't say that this is not a good book, because of course we all need different things in our lives and find them in different ways.

As I was reading this book, it felt kind of bland, but I got to a specific page and it completely turn me off. I understand that we may not all agree on the same doctrines, but even so, an author should not rub his in people's face. He talked about the definitive Triune God. I have read many Devotionals and none of them spoke directly on that matter, because they wanted to include everyone, not just the ones that believe the way they do. I think that is one area that could have been either worded differently so as not run people who don't believe that way to still be interested, or not add that specific subject in at all. I do want to say that it was just in that one devotion that I felt so strongly.

Believe it or not, I have several shelves of Devotional Books which include the Trinity, but his is the first to approach that subject in such a direct way. Most authors seem to want a diversity of readers so they tend to "generalize" their devotions. What I mean by that is they know how to write devotions which go straight to the heart, but not shove "their specific doctrinal beliefs at others.

That was not the main reason I didn't enjoy the book. Even though it did evoke a strong emotion from me.

Now for the positive aspect. I did like the idea that the "devotions" were short enough that they can be remembered. I have read some that were several pages long and it was hard to remember everything they said.

Mr MacAuthur was short and to the point. This book may be liked by some, but I would not buy it for myself. It just did have the "special qualities" I look for. It didn't as I say sometimes grab me and make me want to delve into it more. I have read much better Devotionals and I have read worse.

When I read a book, I go by how it makes me feel inside and unfortunately, this one had about the same effect on me as if I were reading a book about car mechanics.

I hope someone else will read this book and do a review on it. It might be good to others. It's just not my "cup of tea".

Good Night to All and May God Bless!


Frank Blasi said...

Dear PJ,
This is a very interesting article. Unfortunately, I have not read the book referred to, but isn't the "truine God" a reference to the Trinity?
I am aware that the Roman Catholic Church and many Protestant churches too, insist that belief in the Trinity is essentual to salvation, while conversly, the Jehovah's Witnesses denial of the Trinity is also essentual to salvation.
It is interesting, however that in Biblical times, the apostles did not include the Trinity as the essentual doctrine for salvation, as the word "Trinity" did not exist, and it is not in the Bible now. Instead, faith in Jesus Christ as the Messiah was essential. Jesus himself said, "Except that you believe that I am (he), you will die in your sins". (The "he" is not in the Greek, which indicates that he himself is the I am, i.e. God himself.) But I think that this was the natural assumption made by every believer, from which the doctrine of the Trinity grew and developed years later.

Always a Southern Girl said...

Hi, Just stopping by. Blue Cotton Memory sent me over to you, I have a prayer request that I would like you to post and grab the button. Harrison is 15 and is dealing with bone cancer. Please stop by and read about it.


Sarah (Nikki) said...

liked your great honest review. Hope the rest of your weekend shines.

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