Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Good Morning To All!

First, let me say that this will not be a regular post. I will post again tonight. I have had trouble with my internet service from yesterday afternoon until this morning for some reason. Anyway, last night while watching TV, I learned something that made me LIVID!

With all the trouble we are having with today's troubled youth, the suicides, the bullying and shootings, someone in the "powers that be" in television got the 'bright idea" for a show titled "KILLER KIDS"! I couldn't believe my eyes and ears!

I "USED" to watch the Biography channel all the time, but as of now, no more. If they don't have any better sense than this, I want nothing to do with them. I know it is a documentary profiling the different children such as the Menendez Brothers and others, but it still is not a healthy show for kids to have easy access to.

This may seem silly to a lot of people out there, but I am crying out to everyone to be aware of this and not let your children watch this show. Our children have enough trouble with the media putting ideas of sex and violence (fiction) in their precious minds, let alone the ugly truth being shoved in their faces and giving them the idea that if you don't like something or someone the remedy is to MURDER them.

As I said, I will be posting my regular Devotional this evening, but I just had to come on this morning and get this off my chest.

I have no children, but I kills me inside to think that there are actual ADULTS out there that care nothing about what goes into the precious minds of your children, as long as it sells! We need to wipe out the phrase "IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT" off this planet, because that seems to be what the media is going by. Their attitudes seem to be "if you don't like it don't watch it. The problem is, unfortunately the bad things are what entices people because of man's sinful nature.

We as adults have a responsibility to have better sense than our children and to nurture them and teach them what is good and positive to put in their minds and keep them away from evil. The Bible tells us to FLEE from Evil. That is what this show projects. The evil of murder. I don't know why this has effected me so, I watch shows like Law and Order, NCIS, and CSI, which also depict killing, but it is fiction and I haven't seen many shows which depict children killing ( think I saw one or two Law and Order episodes that did), but "Killer Kids" brings it into reality. It switches a part of the brain that says "this is possible". This is real.

Please, Please, don't let your kids watch this show.

Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!

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Frank Blasi said...

The Bible does prophesy that as the last days draw near, wickedness will increase.
But Jesus also says that we are the salt of the earth. We need Christians working in the Media, both television and newspapers. The presence of those devoted to God in such places will keep evil in check.
Not living in the USA, I have no idea what this programme is about, whether it is a documentary intended to reveal the lifestyles of such children so a solution can be found to solve the problem - as would have been the case here in the UK - or is it something to glorify pure evil. Something I would have thought would have been illegal.
Thankyou for bringing this to our attention. Maybe intercessory prayer masy be the power to keep such evil under restraint.
God bless,

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