Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 Good Evening to ALL!

Before I took my leave from blogging several months ago, I used to post a Bible Quiz each week.  I used to do it on Sundays,  but I thought I would go ahead and do it tonight in honor of the Birth of Christ.  

1.  What does Emmanuel mean?   (Matt. 1:23)

a.  Light and life
b.  Good shepherd
c.  God With us
d.  Hallelujah 

2.  What reason did the angel of the Lord give Joseph for taking Mary and Jesus and fleeing to Egypt?  (Matt. 2:13)

a.  A great hailstorm was going to destroy Bethlehem
b.  King Herod was searching for the child to kill him.
c.  The wise men would meet the family in Egypt.
d.  Better weather would be there.  

3.  What did Herod do when he realized the magi had outwitted him?  (Matt. 1:16)

a.  He gave orders to kill the magi.
b.  He went into his throne room and stayed for seven days.
c.  He gave orders to kill all of the boys in Bethlehem two years old and under. 
d.  He burned down the temple.
4.  What news did the angel of the Lord bring to Zechariah?  (Luke 1:76)

a.  The Romans had overrun Jerusalem
b.  Jesus had been born in Bethlehem.
c.  He would have a son, who would become a great prophet.
d.  Most Christians in future centuries would forget his name. 

5.  What did the neighbors and relatives of Zechariah and Elizabeth think they should name their baby?  (Luke 1:59)

a.  Zechariah                                                                    
b.  Joshua
c.  John the Baptist
d.  John the Presbyterian 
 6.  How did Zechariah finally  get his voice back?  (Luke 1:63)

a.  He went to the desert and called upon God.
b.  Years later, Jesus healed him.
c.  He wrote the baby's name-- John-- on a tablet, and he could suddenly talk again. 
d.  He used tongue twisters.

7.  Why was Simeon waiting at the temple?  (Luke 2:26)

a.  He swept the altar area at the end of each day.
b.  He was the high priest.
c.  He had been told that he woyuldn't die until he had seen the Messiah.
d.  His buddy Zack has promised to give him a ride home.

8.  According to John the Baptist, what should someone with two coats do?  (Luke 3:11)

a.  Sit far away from the fire
b.  Share with one who has none
c.  Use one to patch the other
d.  Wear a different one each day       
9.  Who said it?  " This Scripture has come true today before your very eyes!"   (Luke 4;21)  ( Luke 4:14)

a.  John the Baptist
b.  Jesus
c.  Mary
d.  Gideon

10.  Where did John the Baptist begin to preach?  (Matt. 3:1)

a.  the temple colonade
b.  The Judean wilderness
c.  The Sea of Galilee
d.  Magdalene Square Garden 

Answers will be given tomorrow.  

 Good Night, Merry Christmas and May God Bless! 


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