Friday, December 28, 2012


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Good Evening to All!

Angels have many different purposes.  They are used for the ministry of and toward unbelievers, ministry of and in Christ' life, and Ministry of and on special occasions , and the last being Ministry of the believers.  Now if I am reading and understanding my research correctly, it says that the angles have different ranks and functions.  For example, when you say "angel of God", you are not speaking about "just any angel".  You are speaking about a direct manifestation of God.  The same goes for Angel of the Lord, and Captain of the Army of the Lord.

The reason I mentioned the Ministry of the Believers last is for a specific reason.  Each Ministry as I said has different functions, and to bring in the video which I am wanting to show, it takes the Ministry of the believer.  I say this, because the functions of this Ministry include:  to guide,  provide for, protect, deliver, gather, direct activities, comfort and minister to.

Well, I'm not sure if this video is going to work or not, but I will keep trying.  This video is really something all should see and hear about.

Unfortunately, there are A LOT of skeptics in this world when it comes to angels.  There are a lot of people who "like" Angel figurines, Angel Christmas cards, and ornaments, but if someone says they "saw" an angel, or that an angel protected them in an accident, people say they are imagining things.  They believe in God, they believe in His Word, but they just cannot perceive an actual angel being sent by God to help people.

If it is in God's Word, it HAS to be true.  God cannot lie, because HE IS TRUTH. In Matthew 13:1-15, Jesus has a discussion with His disciples as to why He speaks in parables.  This is from the Message Bible

10 The disciples came up and asked, “Why do you tell stories?”
11-15 He replied, “You’ve been given insight into God’s kingdom. You know how it works. Not everybody has this gift, this insight; it hasn’t been given to them. Whenever someone has a ready heart for this, the insights and understandings flow freely. But if there is no readiness, any trace of receptivity soon disappears. That’s why I tell stories: to create readiness, to nudge the people toward receptive insight. In their present state they can stare till doomsday and not see it, listen till they’re blue in the face and not get it. I don’t want Isaiah’s forecast repeated all over again:

Your ears are open but you don’t hear a thing.  Your eyes are awake but you don’t see a thing.
The people are blockheads!  They stick their fingers in their ear so they won’t have to listen;
They screw their eyes shut so they won’t have to look, so they won’t have to deal with me face-to-face and let me heal them.

Now I know this is not exactly the same instance, but I can't help but believe that He feels the same thing about angels.  He doesn't have His angels "broadcast" that they have arrived, He doesn't blow a trumpet to warn us of their coming.  

We all need to be aware that anyone we come across may be an angel "unaware".  We need to pay more attention to people in need.  If someone comes up to us for spare change, we need to give it to them.  If we come across people who need clothes or food, we need to do what we can to help them.  Not only will God bless us for doing His will, but we may just be helping an angel.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will be more conscientious about our fellow man and look forward to my next post.

Good Night to All and May God Bless.


1 comment:

Frank Blasi said...

Hi PJ,
That was a moving video, and yes, it worked well on my computer.
What made me believe that the bright image next to the child's bed was an angel was the rapid healing of the patient.
If we thought nothing strange about an angel visiting Zachariah in the Temple, or to Mary at her home, or even to Cornelius, then why think it strange that it can happen today?
Yet on the other hand, Jesus did say to Thomas,
"You believe because you saw me, blessed who have not seen yet believe." (John 20:29).
God bless,

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