Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Good Evening to All!

 What are the terms of my life?  This was a question that a life insurance e-mail sent me yesterday.  Of course, it was just trying to sell me insurance, but it really got me to thinking about my life and what I will leave on this earth when I go.   Not in terms of money, mind you, that is not important, especially because I have no children to worry about.  We have enough insurance to cover our final debts.  That is not the important thing to pay attention to at this point for me.
My attention was brought to my "legacy".  The mark I will leave on this earth.  The Bible says to keep a good reputation, a good name.  That is very important.  What is even more important is how much of my life have I spent doing what God put me on this earth to do?  Did I get carried away going through life doing my own thing? 

I am so glad I woke up before it was too late.  I'm sure I still fall short, but at least now I am on the right track.  I am striving to do better, and keep my focus on what I can do for God.

I won't be known for my "smarts", because I didn't finish college, or accomplish anything masterful.  I didn't win a Nobel Prize or Pulitzer, I didn't invent anything, so that will be out of the question.

 Again, when it comes down to it, and I look at the big picture, as important as those might be to this physical world, they are not important.

What is important, is the way God sees me. 

We have all heard it for years.  Christ is coming back for His Bride.  We have also seen how people get the lax attitude of "yeah, whatever".    We need to get out of our complacency and start paying attention.  We watch the world news, the weather and look at the signs that are in front of us. Even the immorality and the blantant mockery of God's Word. 

No many knows the day nor the hour that Christ will come, but we all need to be ready.  The way to assure this is to turn our lives to God.  Live for Him, Love Him and Study His Word like it is the last Book we will ever see.  I say this because there are a lot of people who have the mistaken idea of what a Christian is.  They don't seem to grasp the idea of what CHRISTian means. 

It doesn't mean to "be a good person" but do what you want to.  It doesn't mean we "go to church on Sundays, but the rest of the week do everything contrary to God's Word".  Being a TRUE Christian is LIVING the Word of God.  It means having a RELATIONSHIP with God.  It means to FOLLOW CHRIST and STRIVE TO BE LIKE HIM.  That is what it means to be a TRUE Christian.

I have always heard the expression "history itself".  Well, one thing in history I hope never happens is that our books and Bibles are burned.    There are people already trying to get certain books banned from school and they were classics, with nothing risque or pornographic about them.  Yesterday, I read in an Online News resport how some atheists are trying to counter people giving away Bibles by giving away X-Rated books in a school!  That is ridiculous. 

The difference is unsurmountable.  The Bible won'be be responsible for telling kids its ok to have sex at teenage years, or to contract STDs.   It doesn't show children disrespecting  their parents. What blows my mind is I don't understand how even atheists think this is ok.  It doesn't even have to have anything to with Biblical teaching.  It's common sense.

OK, I need to get off my soapbox and back to my "terms".  Sorry for the rabbit trail. 

This is the "term" of my life.  To live every day like it might be my last and witness to whoever will hear me.  I don't want to stand before God and have Him say I didn't do enough to bring His people to Him. 

Granted, my memory is horrible, so I  don't do well at quoting scriptures word for word, or chapter and verse, but I do spread the gospel by having conversations about them and if a scripture is warranted I look it up. 

That is why I love this blog.  This is one of the ways I feel that I can "be about my FATHER'S BUSINESS". 

What are the "terms" of your life?  Would you be ready if Christ was to come back today?  Have you done your part of being a TRUE Christian and done what God purposed us to do?   He sent the disciples all over the world spreading His Word.  That hasn't changed.  That is what we as Christians are suppose to do as well.    Remember, God says one plants, one waters and He does the increase.

Good Night to All and May God Bless,



Anonymous said...

"Again, when it comes down to it, and I look at the big picture, as important as those might be to this physical world, they are not important.

What is important, is the way God sees me."

Couldn;t have said it better, PJ!
If we all could come to that understanding, this world would be radically transformed by the Christians who are living in it. Sad to say, we all get too involved in the things of the world and forget what is really important.

Lord bless you. Thanks for the posting, it is much needed.

Carole in the UK said...

A very thought provoking post PJ.
It's about keeping the main thing the main thing and everything else WILL fall into place.

I too am striving to do better, and constantly endeavouring to keep my focus on my heavenly Father and what I can do to serve HIm.

God Bless

Frank Blasi said...

Hi PJ,
Jesus said on one occasion at least, that it is foolish to be rich in this world but not before God.

Sorry for being late in posting.
God bless,

Lauren Monsey Nagel said...

Good night and God bless you PJ.

Anonymous said...

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