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Good Evening to All

Proverbs 2:7-8 (NRSV New Revised Standard Version)  He stores up sound wisdom for the upright;  he is a shield to those who walk blamelessly,  (8)  guarding the paths of justice and preserving the way of his faithful ones. 

A teenage girl found herself continually tempted by her friends to do things she knew she shouldn't. Once s
he was offered drugs, occasionally she was offered alcohol, often she was approached by boys who tried to take advantage of her. Her constant reply was that she was a Christian. Usually, she was made fun of for her faith. One time, however, a friend asked her why her faith made such a difference. 

The girl replied, "I really want to do what God asks me to. When I do what He wants, I feel better about myself. When I do wrong, I feel terrible. I'd rather feel good inside and have people make fun of me, than feel lousy and give into temptation."

Ref: Wisdom from the Proverbs 365 Days of Wisdom and Encouragement by Dan and Nancy Dick.

To this I said Hurrah! I can't help but feel that if the "all knowing" (or so they think) politicians who took Prayer and God out of school, would have shown some common sense, instead of worrying about what all of the unbelievers, atheists, and whatever other groups who are trying to force their beliefs on Christians, the children, teens and young adults of today would not have NEAR all of the mental problems they have meaning suicide or homicidal mania (for lack of a better word), drugs, or even alcohol. 

I must say I commend any young person who has the faith in God to get them through these trouble times.  I know it's not easy, but like the young lady in the story, if we (of all ages) will just read and study Proverbs and abide by it, our complicated lives would be much easier to handle, because God would be in control.  All we have to do is what He says, and we WILL OVERCOME and temptations.

The kids need HIM in school more today than ever before. If He was still included in school, I'm sure there would still be peer pressure, because that is a fact of life, but not for the same things. I don't think there would be near as much bullying, because even if a person (child or adult alike) doesn't go to church, if they hear scriptures or a prayer everyday, something will stick.

I think that the reason the non-Christian parents don't want their children to hear the word of God, is because the child would come home and ask questions that the parents probably couldn't answer, but e, why would it be so hard for them to say "we don't believe that way? Why penalize Christians? I don't think they are trying to keep God out of school for the children's "benefit", I think it's for their own.

I didn't mean to get on my soap box. This started out about the Proverb saying that as long as we include God in our daily lives ( our actions) at school or anywhere else, we can overcome any temptation and we can withstand anything. 

 I have never really delved into a Commentary before tonight. I've glanced at them, or read a piece here and there, but never really looked at it for what it truly is.

Commentary: Asbury Commentary for Proverb 2:7-8

Solomon encourages the "Student" in different versions he urges (4) (my son, my child, and my good friend) to pursue after wisdom as diligently as those who seek silver or hidden treasure. (vv. 7-8) The first result of such an endeavor is understanding the fear (reverence) of the Lord. By pursuing the principles by which God ordered creation, one gains his help in life and is assured of victory.

Now the Reformation Study Bible was short and to the point. All it said about this passage was:
Proverbs 2:7 The character of God, which the wise come to know (v. 5), is the basis of morality. Standards of integrity and righteousness are expressions of wisdom.

2:8 his saints. These are people who show that they possess the fear of the Lord by imitating His covenant love.

What this is saying to me is that if we are "TRUE" Christians, we will carry God in our hearts at all times. We will be clothed in Him. Our actions will allow Christ to shine through us. We know we can overcome all of the temptations that come against us. Don't get me wrong, I know we will fall, as Adam and Eve made sure of that, but by the Love of God, He made sure that we could repent. At least when we fall, we can fall toward to Him so He can catch us.    This why we can overcome, why we can say "no" to temptation. With Him being for us, who can be against us?

This Proverb gives us encouragement to know that as long as we have the wisdom that He is with us giving us strength, we can beat anything. 

Good Night to All and May God Bless!



Anonymous said...


I agree with you that students in school face tremendous pressure from their peers. For them to withstand the pressure and stand firm for the Lord is to be greatly commended.
However, it is just as you say. If we all simply looked at the end results of our actions, it would be easy for us to see that when we stand for the Lord we have MUCH to gain in every way. It only makes sense to live for Him and be blessed for our deeds.

Thanks for another wonderful posting PJ. Lord bless.

Liz(a) said...

I really dislike that prayer was taken out of schools. I don't understand why Christianity and Christians have to change their lifestyle to fit the lifestyles of other religions and beliefs, especially when those others who praise and worship and have faith in another lifestyle are allowed to continue to bring the literature and their worship with them to school. All of these politicians and people who don't believe in God or anything need to realize that we're not all bad...

Not sure if this makes sense. However, I do think that if it were still in schools that we wouldn't have as many problems.

One of my biggest struggles was science class. It's SO difficult to be a Christian in a public school where they teach a science that goes against your beliefs.

Frank Blasi said...

Hi PJ,
A very thought provoking post. During the sixties I, with all the other students had to sit morning assembly before the start of the curriculum, which was a Church of England based service of hymn singing and prayer.
I can see where you are coming from - we had a fearful respect for all the staff, teenage sex was unheard of, although already there was one or two drug scandals.
But I have wondered whether the moral standard of the day was more of a reflection of parential upbringing, where smacking was called for deliberate misdeeds.
In Biblical times, there were no such thing as schools, every child was educated and grew up at home.
The Old Testament seem to endorse this, as Moses taught, that wisdom and knowledge of their fathers, i.e. Israel and its Abrahamic origins, was passed down from father to son.
In my day (1964-8) school assembly was a chore, and seen as a nuisance by the students, boys in particular, and quite a number of boys, myself included, became atheists. As one commentator above wrote, the teaching of Darwinian evolution in the classroom made Christian beliefs of non-effect, therefore throwing off a judgemental God, as seen in the strict attitude of the staff, and throwing all our faith upon science.
An excellent post.
By the way, the lack of female comments on my last blog, "Travels: Rotten Luck?" has made me feel concerned whether you and other female bloggers took offence in what I have written, as I realise that what I went through in 1994 can be easily misunderstood.
May God bless you richly,

Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

A little boy, about 10, was baptized at church yesterday. His testimonial brought tears to my eyes. I wish more young people had the courage to believe and trust and follow.

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