Friday, February 8, 2013


A Wonderful Hello to All! 

1.  In the Great Commission at the end of Matthew, which of the following did Jesus not ask his disciples to do?  (Matthew 28:18-20)

a.  Make disciples of all the nations
b.  Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
c.  Establish churches in every land
d.  Teach people to obey all of Jesus' commands

2.  When Jesus' disciples were criticized for picking grain on the Sabbath, Jesus referred to an Old Testament character who ate the bread that was reserved for priests because he and his men were hungry.  Who was that?  (1 Samuel 21:4-5)

a.  Elijah
b.  Saul
c.  David
d.  Strohmann

3.  Finish this verse:  "Anyone who is not against us . . ."  (Mark 9:40)

a.  might as well be
b.  is for us
c.  should help us in our cause
d.  once they get to know us, they will be.

4.  While Jesus was in the home of Simon the leper, what happened that upset his disciples? 
(Mark 14:3)

a.  Jesus was arrested by the temple guard.
b.  A woman pour expensive perfume on Jesus' head
c.  Peter denied Jesus three times.
d.  The began to come down with leprosy.

5.  Who was the chief priest at the time of Jesus' death?  (Matthew 26:57)

a.  Lazarus
b.  Nicodemus
c.  Caiaphas
d.  Pontius  Pilate

6.  Who knows when the events of Matthew 24 will happen?  (Matthew 24:36)

a.  Only Jesus' disciples
b.  Those who study the holy Word
c.  The angels in heaven
d.  Only the Father

7.  What were the disciples arguing about on the way to Capernaum?  (Mark 9:34)

a.  The quickest way to get there.
b.  Which of them was most important
c.  The meaning of Jesus' teaching
d.  The chances of the Capernaum Chargers in the IFL.

8.  When Peter began to rebuke Jesus for speaking about his coming death, what was Jesus' reply  (Matthew 16:23)

a.  "Get behind me, Satan."
b.  "You will betray me three times."
c.  "You are a loyal friend, Simon."
d.  "Think before you speak"

9.  Which of the following did Jesus do to heal a deaf and mute man? (Mark 7:33)

a.  Put his fingers in the man's ears
b.  Spat on his fingers and touched the man's tongue with it
c.  Said," Be opened."
d.  All of the above

10.  What tradition did the Pharisees and teachers of the law notice that the disciples were not holding to? (Matthew 15:2)

a.  Attending Sabbath services
b.  Giving alms to the poor
c.  Ritual hand washing
d. Stepping over cracks in the sidewalk

Good Luck!  I hope you do well!  Good Night to All and May God Bless!



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