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Book Review—“TAKE TIME TO BE HOLY” by Samuel Logan Brengle

Good Day to All!

Take Time To Be Holy” written by Samuel Logan Brengle is what I like to call a nice “light” Devotional Book.  It was really not what I expected.  This book was sent to me as a complimentary copy for my open and honest opinions and review which was my only compensation.  All opinions are mine alone. 

While it is an enjoyable read, it is the type of book that contains “daily” devotions which remind me of “morning or “before bedtime” reading.  By this, I mean it would take may 5 minutes to read.  They seem to be uplifting but by the same token, don’t seem to require much meditation or thought. 

I liked it for the purpose of giving me inspiration.  I read a devotion before I type my blog post, and then “take off” from there with my own thoughts and Biblical research on the devotional topic which I read.

My taste though for reading purposes is a devotional which has “substantial meat.  A book with devotions that stirs something up within me and provokes me to pray and get deep into thought.  Maybe by having questions at the end which I can study from.  This book didn’t cause those feelings to rise up within me. 
As I said in the beginning though, for a light read it is a great book.  I would definitely recommend it to young Christians (young in their faith), because it doesn’t take long to read each devotion yet it will keep their attention long enough to let some of God’s Word soak in a little at a time. 

It kind of reminds me of the Bible Verse that speaks about how a "baby  needs to drink milk at first and then graduate to be able to eat meat.    If young Christians are bombarded with a “heavy dose of God’s Word at a time that they don’t understand it may scare them away. 

Reading Devotional books was my first step into reading the Bible.  I read a devotion, then started looking up the scriptures it talked about. The more scriptures I read, the more passages I got through until I started reading chapters, then books and now I read the whole Bible through in a year.  I couldn't have done that when I started.  It would have been overwhelming.

This book is just what they need.  It is  365 devotions written in plain English, short and sweet, but gets the points across.

At the end of each devotion the tiny letters are the abbreviation of the Book from which the excerpt or devotion came from.


Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle was the Salvation Army's greatest exponent of holiness ,born on June 1, 1860 in Fredericksburge, Indiana.  He became a circuit preacher serving four rural Indiana churches.  He enrolled in Boston University School of Theology.  In 1887, he felt the calling of God on His life to serve with the Salvation Army.  He sailed to London where he was accepted the Salvation Army's training school.  Eventually, he returned to the US to serve in Boston.  One night a drunkard hurled a brick at him and hit him in the head which almost caused his death, and sidelined him from preaching for eighteen months, during which time he wrote a series of articles on holiness.  These were gathered and published as a little read book entitled "Helps to Holiness" which went on to be an international success.  This was the first of nine books. 

By the time of his death in 1936, Commissioner Brengle ws an internationally renowned preacher and worldwide ambassado of holiness.  His influence continues today, perhaps more than that of any Salvationist in history other than the founders, William and Catherine Booth. 

This book is a compilation of excerpts from his different books:

Helps to Holiness
Heart Talks on Holiness
the Way of Holiness
The Soul-Winner's Secret
When the Holy Ghost is Come
Resurrection Life and Power
Ancient Prophets and Modern Problems
The Guest of the Soul

Have a Wonderful day and May God Bless,



Frank Blasi said...

Dear PJ,
This book reminds me of another daily devotional;
"Every day with Jesus"
which is very popular among Christians here in the UK.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi PJ,

I have to agree with you, this book sounds as if it is great material for those who are young in the faith and just starting to develope habits of Bible study.

Hope you and your husband are enjoying the fall weather. Its been downright cold up here in Ohio. Trying to get adjusted to the cold so early in the year for us.

Take care my friend. May He continue to bless you both.

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