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Book Review—”THE WAYFINDING BIBLE” By Doris Rikkers, Jeannette Taylor, and Tyndale Publishers, Inc.

Wayfindinng Bible
Good Evening to All!

The Wayfinding Bible” is an excellent way to learn God’s Word.  It is the New Living Translation and is very easy to understand.  I was privileged enough to receive “The Wayfinding Bible”  by Tyndale Publishers, Inc.  as a complimentary copy for my review.   All of the opinions in this review are of my own volition and no money compensations have been made. 

I should have written this review a couple of weeks ago, but I have been enjoying this Bible so much, I haven’t wanted to stop my study of it.

I have never seen a Bible like this one.  It shows three different ways to read or study it.  It has what is called the “fly-over method” which takes you 54 readings in which you’ll gain a chronological overview of the events of the Bible.  If you aren’t interested in learning it chronologically, there is the “scenic route” which takes the longest amount of time.  It consists of 386 readings but this way helps you to discover the richness of God’s Word by winding you through the well-known passages and not so well-known alike.  I know that this sounds more like reading it straight through, but it isn’t. 

For example, we can look at 1 Samuel 19:1-24 which is discussing how Saul is search for David to kill him.    At the top of the page it tells us to go to Psalm 59 in which David is crying out to God a Psalm saying, “rescue me from my enemies, O God, protect me from those who have come to destroy me, and it goes on.  What I am trying to say is that it guides us through this particular subject or event through the whole Bible.   
If this way of study doesn’t appeal to you than you may prefer the “direct route” .  It involves 215 readings.  With this way of study which is straight through. 

Another great thing about this Bible are the “side trips”.  An example of this is in Ezekiel.  In the middle margin, highlighted purple is a subject “Facing God”.  It also has a passage and page number.  Chapter 20:30-44  Page 1440.  If you go to page 1440, you will find the Subject “Face To Face with God” and then passages pertaining to it such as Genesis 32:22-32 Jacob wrestles with God (and gives the verse).  Under m that, Exodus 33:1-23—God shows Moses His Glory (then gives the verse) under that, Deuteronomy 5:1-29 God Meets with His people (then the verse) and so on. 

There are 6 verses on this subject from Genesis to Ezekiel, then it goes to the next subject listing all of the verses pertaining to it. 
There is a fourth route as well. It is called the Thru-Hike.  This takes us through the complete Bible chronologically. 
It also has what is called “Historical Markers”, Scenic Overlooks”and “Getting Your Bearings”. 
I wish I would have had this Bible  a long time ago.  I have spent no telling how much money on all different kinds of Bibles, from the “beloved”  King James Version, to the Message, Chronological  Bibles to Devotionals.  I  am getting so much out of this Bible. 
inside WF Bible
I have always had  difficulty sticking with the Bible plan, because I would use the the reference verses, and end up getting side tracked.  Then I would end up forgetting where I was originally.  With this Bible, I don’t have to.  I can easily choose which plan to use and it will show me where to go from one reading to the next.

There are other features to this Bible as well such as maps.  I have been waiting on a Bible of this sort for a long time.  I love to study the Bible, but I never know which direction to go in once I start other than straight through, and It’s hard to “study” it that way.  This one always directs you from place to place and keeps you on track, no matter which plan you choose beit “Fly-Over, Direct, or Scenic”.  I look forward to doing all three and maybe even include the fourth which was the Hike-Through. 

I would have to do the other three first because this last one, while the Bible does not tell the number of readings as it does for the others, it does say it takes a considerable amount of time, is quite an accomplishment and takes a lot of dedication. 

 To me, this plan would be more for a person who is use to reading his/her Bible through several times a year.  The description tells us that this plan takes us through EVERY WORD of the Bible CHRONOLOGICALLY, and is like “hiking our way through the ENTIRE length of the the Continental Divide or Appalachian Trail.  I have never done it, but I would imagine that would take a very long time. 
I would recommend this Bible as a Study Bible for anyone.  It is an excellent choice. 

I wish you all a wonderful evening and may God give you a “revelation” as you turn to His Word.

Good Night to All and May God Bless,


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