Friday, October 18, 2013


Good Evening to All!

First let me tell you that the answers to last night's Bible Quiz are at the end of this post.

Now, I have two words for you to ponder; praise and worship. All too often, these words are interchanged with each other, when in reality they are completely different.
I know this, yet I find myself doing the same.  I pushed it to the back of my mind, and a young man who preached our Wednesday night service, brought it to the fore-front once again for which I am thankful.

The word “praise” is defined in the dictionary as:  the act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation.  A young man who was preaching in place of our Pastor Wednesday night brought up some VERY GOOD POINTS.
He said something very enlightening to us.  “Anyone and anything can be praised. We praise our children for doing well in school, or making good decisions.  We praise our co-workers and employees for doing good jobs, we even praise our pets for not doing things they shouldn’t or doing things they should. Praise is for anything and anyone.  R.J. told us that praise is given from a distance. 

Worship requires a relationship.  It allows us to feel God’s heartbeat.  It is KNOWING who God is.  It makes us want to “do for God” rather than have the attitude  “what can God do for me”.   The definition of worship is: Honoring with extravagant love and extreme submission. 

Most of my long time readers know that I am of Pentecostal faith, and believe in demonstrative praise.  I used to say demonstrative worship until I realized the difference.  I stand with lifted hands toward God, shouting hallelujah, singing , and clapping to my Savior as instructed to do in Psalms.  It seems as though when I do this,  I completely focus my attention toward God, and everything else fades into the background.  I barely hear the music, and definitely don’t pay any attention to anyone else around me.  It is as though it is just God and I alone in our own little world.  

I start by praising Him whether I feel like it or not because God deserves my praise no matter how I feel even if I don't feel well.  He alone is worthy.  I feel as though He blesses me for praising Him.  After all, His Word says He inhabits our praises.  Anyway, as I am praising Him,  I am rejuvenated and by the time it’s time to be seated and get into the message, ready to let God’s Word fill my heart. 

Worship goes deeper than praise.  It starts with a reverent attitude.  It is respect from our heart to God.  It is given to God in our lifestyle, the way we talk, act, dress and walk.   Worshipping God does not stop when we walk out of church.  If we truly love God and worship Him, it carries out into the world, and into our homes. 

Worshipping is loving God for WHO He is and NOT focusing on what He has done for us.

The answers to last night’s Bible Quiz are as follows:
1.  a.  Whether Gentile believers should be required to convert to Judaism  (Acts 15:6-19 NIV)
2.  a.  Barnabas wanted to take mark with them; Paul didn’t.  (Acts 15:37 NIV)

3.  c.  Now it’s time to forgive him and comfort him.  (2 Cor. 2:7 NIV)
4.  c.  Jars of clay  (2 Cor. 4:7 NIV)
5.  b.  Refused to eat with Gentiles when the legalists were present   (Gal. 2:14 NIV)
6.  a.  to do good works, which God prepared in advance fore us to do  (Eph. 2:10, NIV)
7.  d.  All of the above  (1 Thessalonians 4:16 NIV)
8.  a.  Men  (1 Timothy 2:8 NIV)
9.  c.  Those who are rich in this world  (1 Tim. 6:17 NIV)
10.  d.  All of the above  (1 Tim. 1:7 NIV)  

Good night to All and May God Bless!


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Ceil said...

Hi PJ! Thank you for your visit to the blog today :)

You were so generous to spread the word you got this week about praise and worship. It is always referred to that way (separately) but we do tend to clump them together. I love the idea of relationships, and that's what I would want from prayer for sure.

Why don't you come by and 'join' me at Evangelize? That way, you will be on my blog visit list. I would be happy to be blog-friends! We can encourage each other in our faith walk.

Have a great weekend!

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