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Book Review—“THE DEEPER LIFE” By Daniel Henderson

Book Review  The Deeper LifeGood Morning to All!

“The Deeper Life"  by Daniel Henderson is a Very thought provoking book, as well as a “go to guide” for developing a deeper relationship and successful walk with God.

I received this book as a free complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers  for my open and honest opinion of it. 

 It deals with eight very deep and important questions that we should ask ourselves when encountering this endeavor. “Who is God?, Why am I here?, What Really Matters?, What Shall I Do?, How Shall I Do It?, When Shall I Do It?, and How Will I Finish?”.

These are all very important questions we should each be asking ourselves. I like this book because I have asked myself some of these questions many times, but never could get my thought process going quite in the right direction. My mind would tend to wander and I would get off track. This book put the questions into perspective for me. It gave me specific things to work on, and invoked other ways of thinking about things, for example the anagram below.

This should be our daily goal if we want to be successful in our walk with God. If we plan to enter His Kingdom when He calls for us. It is our daily “WIN”.


Worship is the ultimate foundation and passion that overcomes the devil.
Integrity is the commitment that provides victory over the flesh.
Nonconformity is our triumph, transcendent response to the temptations and trials of the fallen world.  It teaches us that Worship is the “FUEL for a deeper life”, Integrity is the Fiber OF a deeper life, and Nonconformity is the Fruit of a deeper life.

This book spells things out for us. For example, it states 8 things that people long for such as “To know and experience God in the fullness of His person and His presence”. Then Mr. Henderson states the questions we should ask ourselves such as “Who is God?”

He then explains the issue which would be “MY theology”. Another would be the longing to live from an authentic core of biblical self-understanding and security, in which the questions to ourselves is “Who am I?”, the issue being My Identity. He then goes on with six more longings, such as “to give one’s life to a worthy cause, to be respected as a person of sound principles and solid character, to focus on and fulfill rewarding and meaningful commitments, to enjoy strategic and effective accomplishment of worthwhile objectives, to be a faithful steward of eternally significant  opportunities, and last but not least to be remembered as a person of extraordinary contribution. 
These are questions we all probably think about on some level, but we dig into our souls deeper and keep them on our minds  and not let them be a “fleeting thought, but really concentrate on them because they have EVERYTHING to do with our everyday walk with God. Our eternal Salvation depends on our everyday relationship with Him.
This books has helped me keep my thoughts on a direct path of getting my relationship with Him on track and keeping it there, because I am thinking about it on a deeper level, and I know it will help others.

We all know that we need a relationship with our God, but we tend to let the cares of the world, our everyday occurrences take over our lives without thinking. Maybe if we will concentrate on these eight topics in this book, it will enrich our daily walk with Him and at the same time help us in our everyday earthly lives. We must always remember that “we are to be IN the world, but not OF the world, and I think this book helps to keep that thought resonating in our minds.
Another thing that is so helpful is that it has exercises to do at the end to help us to learn and remember what we have read.

It is an excellent book for all who want a deeper, more meaningful walk with their “Father in Heaven”.

Have a Wonderful Day and May God Bless!


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Tara Eveland said...

Hello friend, long time no talk! I am back to my blog and very happy as I got through my reading list to see that you are still active and posting! Many I used to follow are not! Blessings to you friend and if you have time to stop by and check out my blog and newest posts we can catch up!

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