Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yea! I'm So Excited!

Good Evening to All!

Yea! I got my computer fixed. Ok, almost fixed. At least now I can type. Before, every time I tried to type, the computer would FREEZE. I got that part fixed, as Microsoft just had to reset the defaults on Internet Explorer. I hadn't realized that my come up. I downloaded it this afternoon, but didn't check and make sure that it would load onto the side of my blog, so I hope I can find some of my own pictures to use. I don't like pictureless posts.

We had a really good Bible study lesson tonight. One of the gentlemen in our church is giving lessons on how to do a Bible Study. He does a really good job. If I can just get over my "stage fright" I'll do ok, I think. The study is very well planned, and it's only an hour long, so even though it covers a good bit, it's not really in-depth . It isn't like some that I've had that are several weeks long. I enjoy them also, but this one is just to get people's "feet wet" and answer some of the important points such as Salvation and how to get it. Anyway, that's another story. I just really enjoy talking about it, and learning as much as I can about it also. A person can never learn enough about anything. There is always something new to learn about in this world. Never to old to learn.

Now for the "meat of the matter".

Bible Seeds

Bubble With Zest

Today's Seed: "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." Romans 12:11

Do you have a zest for life? Do you rise and shine in the morning with a smile on your face? What about your zest for serving the Lord?

When Paul wrote to the people of the church at Rome, he told them they had to put their religion into practice...not just bring it out when worshiping. We should be continually serving the Lord, bubbling over with love and spiritual zest.

Fervor is on Paul's long list for anyone who wants to shine with the joy of being a Christian. It is a list that requires us to possess the joy of being a Christian. It is a list that requires us to possess sincere love. have a love of life, rejoice in hope, endure affliction, always be in prayer, provide for the needs of fellow believers, seek hospitality, bless persecutors, live peaceably with all, overcome evil with good, and more.

Seems overwhelming just thinking about it, and there goes the zest. This seed implies that we are the ones who keep our fervor up. We are apt to blame others for our problems and our lack of zeal to do what's right. Paul understood that after an initial burst of energy, it takes diligent effort to maintain a glow in serving God.

What enables us to keep our spirits up is to focus our efforts not on cheers from those around us but on the prize at the end of life. Believers have the firm hope of seeing Jesus in heaven and being united with him. Such hope enables us to persevere despite less than perfect circumstances. It's not easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. Paul was right. We should act like serving the Lord is the most important thing in life, because it is.
Dig Deeper: The Greek word for "fervent" is zeo, which means to be hot, boiling, bubbling over. Our zest for serving God should bubble over into all parts of our lives.

Weed & Water: Some people just naturally have more energy than others, but overcommitment can rob us of the energy we have and keep us from doing our best. Sin can also form a crust over our zest for the Lord--keeping our fervor from bubbling out. Take mental inventory of your abilities and note the things you enjoy doing. How can you focus on those things and use them to serve the Lord?

Sprout & Scatter: Did you know that we use more muscles when we
frown than when we smile? Sunday school children are taught: If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. We can start our day by smiling at everyone we meet--not a Cheshire cat grin, but a pleasant, friendly smile. It will be one small way of bubbling with fervor and of making a difference in the lives of those we meet.
( I call this a "sweet smile!)

Think about it: What is your zest level?

Look back at Paul's list for believers. Which qualities do you have now, and which qualities should you work on?

Prayer Pot: Dear Lord, help me realize I have much to get excited about in my life, such as...

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Good Night and May God Bless!
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carma said...

Glad your computer is up and running...wanted to stop by to welcome you to SITS.

I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers :-)

sandy said...

I have been having computer troubles myself lately! Glad yours are resolved.

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

Joy said...

Amen to that!

Welcome to the SITS community!

Serenityville said...

looks like you don't need any sits love but I got there after you so here I am! :D welcome and good luck. I too only have 10 followers so I feel your pain! good luck!

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