Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bible Challenge - God's Love

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Good Evening to All!

I couldn't resist this specific Bible Challenge. As you know, last night's post was about LOVE. I opened my Bible Challenge Book, and there it was! A Bible Challenge titled "God's Love", so here goes! As much as God loves us, doesn't it seem logical and right that we love Him back?

1. In Deuteronomy, we learned that God will keep His "covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments" for how many generations? (Deut. 7:9)
a) 5
b) 20
c) 490
d) 1,000

2. In the 23rd Psalm, the Lord is likened to what type of caregiver? (no hint)

3. The psalmist sang that "because thy lovingkindness is better than____________, my lips shall praise thee." (Psalm 63:3)
a) manna
b) honey
c) gold and satin
d) life

4. "Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!" This tribute to God's love occurs four times in one chapter of which book? (no hint)
a) Leviticus
b) Psalms
c) Isaiah
d) Revelation

5. "As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you..." God promised His people that through_____________. (Isaiah 66:13)
a) Isaiah
b) Ezekiel
c) Zechariah
d) Jesus

6. Malachi asserted that God had demonstrated His love for His people by: (Malachi 1:2-3)
a) spawning them form Noah's lineage after the flood
b) loving Jacob while hating Esau
c) delivering them from Egyptian bondage
d) delivering Jericho and Ai into their hands

7. The supreme promise to Christians, given by Jesus in John 3:16, is that God loved the world so much He gave us what? (John 3:16)

8. God knows and loves each of us so well, Jesus said, that He can tell: (Luke 12:7)
a) our every thought
b) the number of cells in our bodies
c) the number of hairs on our heads
d) the exact age of each individual, down to the minute

9. Because God cares for us, Peter wrote in his first epistle, we can: (1 Peter 5:7)
a) ignore some of the Old Testament regulations
b) expect forgiveness whenever we sin
c) see paradise
d) cast all our cares on Him

10. According to the apostle John, "this is the love of God": (1 John 5:3)
a) that we love our enemies
b) that we keep his commandments
c) that we believe that Jesus is the Christ
d) that we be baptized by water and the Holy spirit

I hope you had fun with the challenge! Good Night and May God bless!


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