Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bible Challenge-God's Modus Operandi


Good Evening to All!

Tonight's Bible Challenge is "God's Modus Operandi"

I'm not sure, but if I was to take an uneducated guess, I think it means God's Mode of Operation in Latin. Anyway, Here we Go!

1. After the great flood, how did God clear away the waters? (Gen. 8:1)
2. What means did God use to part the Red Sea waters so His people could escape from Egypt? (Exodus 25;21)
a) a drought
b) a gigantic fireball--possibly a comet
c) a fault in the earth's crust
d) wind

3. What means did God use to cause the boils he sent to plague the Egyptians who held the Israelites hostage? (Exodus 9:8-9)
a) ashes
b) sand
c) rain
d) the sun's rays

4. No one on earth can see God in person and live. Therefore, God revealed to Moses only part of His________. (Exodus 33:20-23)
a) ear
b) palm
c) arm
d) back

5. In which book does the Bible say God helps those who help themselves? (NONE)

6. God did not let Elijah die, but transported him bodily to heaven via a __________.
(2 Kings 2:11)
a) carriage of gold
b) whirlwind
c) ladder of woven vines
d) gigantic bird

7. When God was ready for His captive people to return to Jerusalem and rebuild His temple, He moved the heart of this pagan king to let them do so. (Ezra 1:1-5)
a) Xerxes
b) Artaxerxes
c) Alexander
d) Cyrus

8. How did God arrange for Esther to become queen? (Esther 1:10-2:18)
a) by threatening King Ahasuerus with death if he didn't marry Esther
b) by having Queen Vashti executed
c) in a beauty contest
d) all of the above

9. Proverbs teaches that if we don't punish our children when they do wrong, we're demonstrating what? (Proverbs 13:24)
a) love for our children
b) hatred for our children
c) forgiveness for our children
d) patience and godliness

10. Just before Jesus was born, God's angel promised a son to the aging Zacharias and his wife Elisabeth When Zacharias expressed disbelief, how did God punish him?
(Luke 1:5-22, 57-64)

a) He withdrew the promise of a son
b) He delayed the birth
c) He decided Zacharias would not live to see his son's birth
d) He temporarily struck Zacharias dumb

I hope you enjoyed the Challenge.

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Good Night and May God Bless!


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