Monday, December 20, 2010


Good Evening to All!

The Answers to the Bible Challenge "A Way with Words" are as follows:

1. c) Napthali (Genesis 49:21)
2. b) Jeremiah (Jeremiah 23:29)
3. His parents finding him in the temple at age twelve (Luke 2:49)
4. d) the Bible doesn't report what He wrote (John 8:1-11)
5. d) Hebrew, Greek, and Latin (John 19:19-20)
6. c) a den of thieves (Matthew 21:13)
7. b) branches (John 15:5)
8. b) not clarified in Scripture (no scriptural evidence beyond 2 Corinthians 12:7-10)
9. d) "sharper than any two-edged sword". (Hebrews 4:12)
10. c) prophesy about Christ's return (2 Thessalonians 2:2-3)


The LORD is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer;
My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2 NKJV

This verse needs no reference Bible to explain it. It says it all. The LORD is my everything. He is the One I can lean on without fear of falling, or dropping me. He is my strength. As long as I have Him watching over me I have nothing to fear, because He is my strength. I can withstand anything as long as He is with me. He is my Savior. He died for me that I might have an eternal Home with Him. He saved me from my self (fleshly desires that are apart from God). Without Him I am nothing. I am but dust. It is He that breathed His breath into my nostrils and made me a living soul.

I couldn't resist this picture of the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. With this much power beside me and with His Spirit within me, who can come against me?

During this season, I think it appropriate that we not only celebrate the birth of Christ, but the fact of Who He Is , What His purpose for coming to earth was, and also why He wants to have His Spirit live within us.

We are getting so "immune to the true meaning of Christmas" that it seems like it is becoming too hectic, this is because we are caught up in the commercial side of it. Too many people are trying to be "politically correct" and afraid of offending those of another faith to greet each other with Merry Christmas. "If I never hear another "Happy Holidays" it will be too soon. You might as well say Happy Monday, or Merry Tuesday. People need to quit worrying about offending each other and worry about offend God. After all, He is the One we will all answer to in the end. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock to simpler times when all people had to give as gifts were homemade gifts and would concentrate on the love put into making those gifts, preparing the Christmas meal and just being with loved ones?

Think about what God truly means to you, and then re-evaluate your meaning of Christmas. I know I had to take a few steps back during this "busy" season. Take note of the above verse again, and search it with your heart. Think about what God's purpose was for being born of a woman, just so He could come to earth and live among us, learn our ways, go through our trials and tribulations, and in the end, sacrifice Himself so that we can join Him in eternity "should we choose to live according to His will.

All of this as well as being there for us now during all our troubles, and while He won't just pick us up out of our problems, He is there with us to help us through them. He is there for us when we are scared, all we have to do is call out the name of Jesus, and He is there. I know I have done that in the past and I immediately felt His presence and strength surround me.

He is the One who will NEVER let you down. I know there are times when it feels like our prayers are not being answered, but hang on, because they are. God knows what's in our best interest, and so His answer may be NO, or WAIT A WHILE. That is why the Word says to "wait on the Lord." Everything will happen in God's time, because God's timing is Perfect. That is where faith and trust comes in . Without faith we cannot please God, but we must also TRUST in Him to know and do what is right for us because He knows us better than we know ourselves. After all, according to His Word, He knew us in our mothers' womb.

This is why the above verse is so important. We must trust God to be all of these things to us. He will not let us down as man does. We need this feeling to have an intimate relationship with Him which is Vitally important for our eternal Salvation.

Think of it in terms of a marriage. When a couple is married, how long do you think they will last with no communication, no trust, no faith in each other, no love, or no interaction? Probably NOT VERY LONG. The stronger your relationship with God is, the more chance you have of not falling away from Him. So I ask you. This Christmas season, re-evaluate your relationship with our LORD Jesus Christ and commit to becoming closer with Him, by learning more about Him, studying His Word, Prayer, and just plain talking to Him like a friend. That's what He says He wants. He calls us friends, so don't you think we should reciprocated and accept His friendship? Not just on Sundays and Wednesdays but everyday.

Let Him become your rock, fortress and deliverer. Let Him be your shield and the horn of your salvation. I couldn't find a reference for the part of the scripture "horn of my salvation", but as I was looking for it, I feel like God put this thought into my head. The horn of a saddle is the part that you hold on too when the horse starts galloping and getting hard to handle. Therefore, the LORD is "who I should cling to or hang on to" to keep my salvation firm and set. If I lose hold on the horn, I might fall off (my horse) away from my salvation. Therefore I shall keep my eyes on the LORD and look to Him for guidance always.

Good Night to All and May God Bless.



Desiray said...

He is my everything..I remember couple years ago I had this conversation with a person and I was telling them that Jesus is my everything, at the time he could not understand how can I make such a statement. but when I explained to him how this was so he said to me you must be anointed because I've heard many people say what Jesus is to them but not like you said. What I told him was these words. I've come far in my life with many struggles and being disobedient to God and His word but the day I decided i was going to serve Him for real this time I can't afford to not have Him in my life. I may not have everything I want or desire but I have come full circle to the point that I lack nothing in my life. And that is what I mean when I say He is my everything because I Lack Nothing!

For me it's not a choice of just saying those words I have to say it because only He was there when NO one else was there only He loved me only He guided me only He corrected and discipline me when I needed correction!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100%. We should be honoring EVERYTHING about Christ and His person, work and attributes.

Just thinking about His birth on Christmas isn't appreciating Him like we should...

Another great posting....

PJ, Have a blessed Christmas.


Carl Ford said...

The most amazing miracle of all is "God with us". It is from this revelation that we obtain out identity as Christians. No other faith allows us to believe on the one true God that robed himself in flesh and came to this earth to die for the sins of the world that the whole world might be save. Reminds me a song we used to sing..."When the world all around me is sinking sand on Christ he solid rock I stand. When I need a shelter when I need a friend I go to the rock."

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