Sunday, January 30, 2011


Good Evening to All!

I know there are a few more questions than usual, but maybe you can take your time and do a few at a time of 1/2 and 1/2.

1. What king had the first birthday party in the Bible? (Genesis 40:20)

2. Where was the first beauty contest in the Bible, and who won? (Esther 2)

3, Who was the first Christian martyr? (Acts 6:7-8:2)

4. What is the first dream mentioned in the bible? (Genesis 20:3-8)

5. What is the first war mentioned in the Bible? (Genesis 14)

6. Who was the first drunk? (Genesis 9:21)

7. Where was the first piggy bank? (2 Kings 12)

8. Who was the first person to fall asleep during a sermon? (Acts 20:9)

9. What is the first commandment in the Bible? (Genesis 1:28)

10. What is the first purchase of land in the Bible? (Genesis 23:3-20)

11. What was the first instance of book burning? (Jeremiah 36:21-23).

12. What was the first military coup in Israel? (2 Samuel 15-18)

13. Who used the first pseudonym? (Esther 2:7)

14. Who built the first city? (Genesis 4:17)

15. Who was the first hunter? (Genesis 10:9)

16. Who was the first murder? (Genesis 4:8)

17. What is the first book of the Bible named after a woman? (NO HINT)

18. Who is the first prophet mentioned in the Bible? (Genesis 20:7)

19. Where did Jesus work his first miracle? (John 2:1-11)

20. What was the first of the ten plagues of Egypt? (Exodus 7:14-24)

I hope you are enjoying this new Bible Trivia.

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Have a great evening and May God Bless!



Brook said...

Ms. PJ, it is always such a pleasure receiving a comment from you over at my blog. Thank you.

You know, I never would have thought of the point Driscoll made about marriage. I have always looked at marriage as the worldly symbol of Christ and the church...and though the church is far from perfect I, personally, would not use the word "demonic" to describe it. Though I might say it is easily deceived, foolish, etc.

In context, Driscoll stated that about a Christian/ non-Christian marriage as an example of what he calls "ordinary demonic" and compares it to the disobedience of children, the disrespect of a wife to her husband, false teachers, false doctrine, etc. He also lists sexual sin (like a married couple that does not have sex enough/ withholds sex, etc.) I feel the series on a whole is quite good even though there are some points I many not completely understand or with which I may not totally agree. But it encourages me to study it out. :)

Another great resource for studying out God's word (after the bible) is Wayne Grudem's book SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL DOCTRINE. Again, thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I enjoy hearing from you and getting to fellowship together.

Kindest regards,

Brook said...

PS I have to "moderate" comments because I have received some pretty ugly ones with terrible pictures, etc.

So, your comment does not show up right away but is usually stored and waiting for me to okay then it appears on the blog. Thank you for your comments.

Kindest regards,

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