Monday, March 5, 2012


Good Afternoon to All!

I am starting this earlier than usual because I have Revival to go to this evening and don't know what time it will end.

Hi Everyone, I'm back. I got home from the Revival, ate, and started trying to figure out how to work my new CPAP machine. Boy! I tell you, if I had a couple of antennae, I could pass for something from outer space! I tried to upload a picture,
as I thought it would give you a laugh, but alas, no luck. For some reason my pictures do not want to upload tonight.

This is going to be a very short post, so I have a question for you to contemplate. WHO or what do you let define who you are? Are you caught up in spending a lot of your time climbing the corporate ladder looking for recognition? Do people know who you are because of the position you hold?

This idea came from our visiting Pastor tonight. He was talking about the scriptures Exodus 3:11-13, Where Moses asks God who he should tell the people of Israel sent him to lead them, and God said "tell them I AM sent you. (meaning, I AM your provider, I AM your healer, I AM anything you need me to be. This is how He defined Himself. Moses, defined Himself as one who wasn't sure he could handle the job of leadership. He defined himself as a stutterer and murderer. God Saw More in Him, just as He sees more in us that we do.

We need to quit worrying about what others think, or perceive, and listen to God. He sees more potential in us than any human can.

I think we spend too much time nowadays worrying about what others think. I understand that the more letters after your name, more than likely the higher the paycheck. The thing is, that is sending our children the wrong message. If you work constantly just so you can afford to buy you children everything they want, you are really damaging them because they will put too much emphasis on "things, money, prestige, all the things that really don't matter. In the end, none of that will matter. God won't care whether we have Walmart clothes or Tommy Hilfiger. Mainly because they won't be going to heaven with us anyway.

I don't want people, things, my job, or anything else to define me. I want God, Himself to define me, to tell me "who and what I am". He is the only one that matters when it comes down to it. Do you remember what He will say to welcome us?

Well, I guess I'd better get to bed, I'm sure it will take me a while to get use to this silly machine and 7:30am comes early when you haven't had much sleep.

The answers to the Bible Challenge "Soldiers and Warfare" Part 3 from last night are as follows:

1. c) twenty (Numbers 1:3)
2. b) was engaged to be married (Deuteronomy 20:7)
3. c) 300 (Judges 7:1-8)
4. d) Because He knew that unless the victory was miraculous, the Israelites would credit themselves. (Judges 7:2)
5. b) Rimmon (Judges 20:45, 21:13)
6. b) Valley of Salt (2 Samuel 8:13, 2 Kings 14:7)
7. a) his son Jonathan (1 Samuel 13:22)
8. b) throw his flesh to wild animals (1 Samuel3l 17:44)
9. a) spring (2 Samuel 11:1)
10. b) 3

I hope you did well on this quiz, and even more, I hope you learn even more while searching the scriptures. There is NO SUCH THING as knowing enough about our God.

Good Night to All and May God Bless.

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bluecottonmemory said...

Hi PJ! I handled your blog award a little differently - I hope you don't mind. Please stop by - and I hope you get your machine working and have a good nights sleep!

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