Saturday, February 21, 2015


 Good Evening to ALL!

It's time to get your minds thinking again about how much you remember of what you learned from the Bible!

Our FIRST short set of Trivia Questions have to do with Rings on Their Fingers:

1.  What dreaming ruler gave Joseph his own ring?   (Genesis 41:42)

2.  In which of Jesus' parables does a ring play a part?  (Luke 15:22)

3.  Who did King Ahasuerus of Persia give his ring
to?  (Esther 10:3-13)

4.  When Daniel was sealed up in the lions' den, who placed his signet ring on the stone?  (Daniel 6:17)

5.  For what did the Israelites give up their rings and other jewelry?  (Exodus 35:22)

6.  After the death of Haman, who received the Persian king's signet ring?  (Esther 8:2-13)


1.  Who wore a camel's hair tunic?  (Matthew 3:4)

2.    What king of Israel is mentioned as wearing a crown and a gold bracelet?  (2 Samuel 1:10)

3.  What Egyptian official was given fine linen, the Pharaoh's ring, and a gold chain for his neck?  (Genesis 42:42)

4.  What people had such well-made clothes that years of wilderness wandering did not even wear out their shoes?   (Deuteronomy 29:5)

5.  Whose eye-catching cloak caused murderous envy in his brothers?  (Genesis 37:3) 

6.  The best- dressed man in Israel wore fine colored linen with embroidered bells and pomegranates, a linen breastplate with gold and precious stones, and a gold-studded hat.  Who was he?  (Exodus 28)

7.  What down-and-out man is mentioned as having worn a gold earring in his better days?  (Job 42:11) 

8.  Only one person is mentioned in the Bible as having worn gloves.  Who?  (Genesis 27:16) 

9.  What warriors were so extravagant that even their camels wore necklaces?  (Judges 8:24-26) 

10.  What people wore fine Egyptian linen and purple robes?  (Ezekiel 26:16) 

I hope you enjoyed these Trivia Questions, and did well.  I will post the answers tomorrow.  Hopefully as you look up the answers you will find other little nuggets of wisdom that you may have forgotten as well.

Have a wonderful night and May God Bless!


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